Paint a DIY Arch with a Twist

Ok, so these #DIY #painted wall arches might be my favourite home #decor DIY to date! It’s definitely up there in my top five without a doubt. I’ve been seeing more of these cute arches all over Pinterest and Instagram recently and it gave me an idea to create a quick refresh to this awkward space under my stairs. The wall just seemed lacking, but because of the stairs, there wasn't much we could do. I also didn't want to just waste this space by adding a bunch of plants that will just gather dust in the end. I wanted to have a functional space, and a couple of chairs seemed like an easy and fast way to style this space.

As you can see, not much was going on, so I thought why not give this popular DIY a try. But me being me, I always need to do something a bit extra. So instead of doing a simple arch, I decided to go big and paint a Moroccan door themed arch. Crazy or brilliant?! It was the perfect fit for the rest of my #eclectic #home.

For the full process on how you too can paint a #Moroccan themed arch on your wall, keep reading below.


You’ll need:

+ Paint (I used Porters Paint in Gulf Stream and Dulux Metallic Effects in Metro Mars) + Masking tape + Pencil

+ Large paper (I just taped four A3 sheets together) + Painters tape + Artist paint brush + Roller and tray

+ Stencil of your choosing (I got mine from ebay, but etsy also has a great collection)

+ Paint sponge

+ Tacky repositionable adhesive (optional)

+ Level



  1. The first this you will need to do is create the arch template. You will need a paper the width and height of how big you want your design to be. Mine was a large space, so I ended up taping four A3 pages together. Fold the paper in half and draw your design. I used a bowl to get even curves. Make sure the fold is at the widest part. Cut out the design.

2. Tape the arch design on the wall using masking tape and trace around it using a pencil.

3. Use a fine paint brush to paint over the pencil design after removing the template.

4. Using a level, draw two lines down to the floor from the edges of the arch and then go over with painters tape.

5. Use the paint brush to fill in the arch detail. When you’re trying to paint a neat line don’t start at the line. Start painting just under the line, then press the paint brush down into the wall to create a large flat surface. Move this slowly towards and along the line for maximum control.

6. Use a small roller to paint the rest of the arch. I needed about three coats to get an even look. Once done, carefully peel off the painters tape while the paint is still relatively wet.

7. Once all the paint has dried (wait around 24hrs) it is time to stencil. I wanted an antique look to the design so I added some navy paint I had lying around to the gold, to give it some depth.

8. I used a tacky adhesive to make sure the stencil didn't move around the wall, but masking tape works too.

9. Use a sponge to paint on the stencil. Make sure you clean the stencil between positions to get a clean design.

10. I did overlap the stencil on the already painted design to make sure everything was aligned properly. It takes a bit longer, but me being OCD I knew I couldn't deal with a crooked design. Keep going until you cover the whole space.

Now all that's left is to style according to your taste. I added chairs and a table as I wanted a spot to sit and put on my shoes before leaving the house. It's also great to take some cool, colourful selfies.

You could easily add a console table instead, or even a small armchair to create an intimate reading nook. The sky is the limit.

I would love to see and hear from you if you try this DIY with a twist. You can comment below, or even shoot me a message. Happy DIY-ing!

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